G7 MARIO - 3

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This stylishly cool and functional bag will be the best thing you invested in for your photoshoots!
Mario3 is a stylish and heavily padded bag designed to hold umbrella light stands. The padding ensures the safety of equipment loaded inside the bag.
If you are an avid photographer, it’s likely that your tripod is your best and most preferred partner in crime and you know of the abuses it suffers on a day-to-day basis. Designed to withstand such traumas, the PINBALL Mario3 Bag not just safeguards your light stands/tripod but makes its handy to lug around anywhere you travel.
The neat and compact quiver style design of the Bag and it’s lightweight body with practical grab handles allow you to carry your tripods or umbrella stands with ease. The slim factor also makes it convenient to store your gear, occupying the most minimal space required! Since its heavily cushioned, rigs are protected from falls and other abuses.

Compatibility : Suitable for Tripod with 3 way Head or 9 Feet Light Stand - 6 Nos

Dimension (WxDxH) (In Inches)

External: 9x8.5x37

Internal: 8.5x7.5x36

Weight: 0.800 Kgs

Inner  : 210D Polyester PU coated.
Outer : 
High Density 900D Poly PU Coated-Water Repellent Fabric.