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At Thermal Store we are constantly improving ourselves and evolving with modern technology.  It is our highest priority to make your shopping experience as enjoyable and pocket friendly as possible.

Having mastered the trade at our very own retail outlet in namma Bengaluru, we strive to provide the same excellence in service and product alike. We are able to do so by focusing on two main operational policies:

  • Customer attention- Our one-to-one experience with customers thanks to our background in retail has equipped us with the expertise required to deal with each individual customer with utmost care and attention.
  • Product sourcing- We provide the most affordable prices on all our products so as to be light on your wallet without having you compromising on quality. Our basic function has been to eliminate the middle man and provide the price benefit to our customers.

Our one of a kind interactive weather widget provides our customers with a personalised checklist that allows them to be weather wise and carry everything that they need with them on a trip anywhere on the globe.

It is our continuous quest to serve our customers better and we are eager to hear from you. For any feedback, remarks and queries please contact us via:


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